About Us

STEPS is a unique supported living provider agency that was founded in 2005. STEPS (Supports to Enhance Personal Skills) focuses on the needs of individual clients so that, step by step, an individual’s personal skills are enhanced. We believe in quality, personal care. We have an experienced and caring staff who are trained to focus on education, community inclusion, and family involvement.

Philosophy Statement

We believe that the best way to serve our individuals is to remain a small and professional organization that focuses on the importance of communication and quality of services. We feel that it is essential to have clear, ongoing communication with individuals, their parents, guardians and members of the support team.

We support our individuals in their continuous growth through education in daily living, social skills, community awareness and in their right to make informed choices and decisions concerning their future. It is our philosophy to assist our individuals in community inclusion. We believe our clients should not just live in the community but feel that they are truly part of the community.

As advocates, we believe that we have a responsibility to positively influence barriers and obstacles that may limit the quality of our individuals' lives.

Meet our Founder

I am the founder of STEPS (Supports to Enhance Personal Skills) Provider Agency. My career in the field of Developmental Disabilities spans over 25 years. Starting this agency in the spring of 2005 was not only a culmination of my professional experiences and background but also as a desire to to fill a need for quality supported living residential services

Over the years, it has become increasingly apparent that many supported living agencies have lost touch with consumers, guardians and families. The old adage that "the bigger the agency, the better the services" has created and resulted in poor communication, consumer alienation and inconsistent services.

Therefore, the idea for this agency is a simple one. Our agency is small by design, we focus on excellent client and family communication, and pride ourselves on quality staff training and gentle teaching support.

I am confident that you will be pleased with the personal attention that your son or daughter will receive from our agency as well as our caring and devoted staff.

Thank you,

Barry DiBiasio